Taking a part-time Masters this year in 2017

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I am leaning towards taking a part-time Masters this year in 2017. Points of considerations:

Full-time is personally a non-option for me, as I don’t see the financial sense in taking a sabbatical to pursue a full-time programme. That leaves full-time and overseas out.

Based on what I know about a PhD programme, part-time PhD sounds like a nightmare. That leaves part-time Masters in Singapore as my option.

Next question: technical or non-technical? Well I am leaning towards to doing something with technical content when studying - non-technical content can be picked up most of the time simply by being widely read and learning from work experiences. This means statistics or computing for me.

And NUS is probably the better choice than NTU. SMU is not in my consideration.

So for now, my choice is going to be M.Sc. Statistics from NUS.