Book Review: Rich by Retirement by Joshua Giersch

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Joshua Giersch, better known as “Shiny Things”, is an investment guru who has been generously giving investing advice on HardwareZone and his blog. His advice are consistently dished out with the SG context in mind, and his book “Rich by Retirement: How Singaporeans Can Invest Smart and Retire Wealthy”, is, in essence, the consolidation of all of his tips and hacks on being a successful investor in SG.

The most interesting component of his philosophy is his very simple portfolio strategy. Whether it is too simple for your liking is for you to decide, and in this post I will summarize, from my perspective, the key points in his book. Enjoy.

Emergency fund


Brokerage accounts

Asset class allocation

Exchange traded funds

The Shiny Things 3-ETF portfolio


Dollar cost averaging

Portfolio rebalancing

Simple enough? Pick up his book from Amazon or NLB (I had to make a reservation – $1.55 reservation fee) and you will be able to understand his justifications for each of these pointers.