37 moments of happiness

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Inspired by Jin Shengtan’s 33 moments of happiness

  1. When I satiate my hunger with a hot meal
  2. When I quench my thirst with cool, plain water
  3. When I have been working hard at a task on the computer and finished it, then shutting down the computer
  4. When I tabulate my assets and net worth, and reflect how much they have grown
  5. When I lie down on my bed, after being busy and active for the whole day
  6. When I complete my tasks for the day, and it’s only 3pm in the afternoon
  7. When I have long discussions (philosophical or otherwise) on topics with a friend - topics that we both enjoy
  8. When I finished a long and hard run
  9. When I read a truly good book
  10. When I hear music that makes me want to sing or hum along
  11. When I go on a long, solo hike, taking in deep breaths, and taking in the sights and sounds of nature
  12. When I am in position to take a great picture of a butterfly
  13. When I take a hot shower on a cold day
  14. When I sit indoors, looking at the rain outside
  15. When I sit alone in a big canteen or dining hall, enjoying a meal and kopi, peering at the few faces seated some distance away from me
  16. When I wake up, knowing that I have no obligations today, and there is no need to have conversations today
  17. When I write something that I like, or on a topic that I enjoy
  18. When I ascend a peak, and admire the view I earned
  19. When I finished a test or examination, one that I have put in my best effort to prepare
  20. When I return home after a long day of tasks and conversations, and I close my room door behind me, finally alone
  21. When I visit a big bookstore, browsing books and titles, taking in all the ideas that flood my mind
  22. When I am in a place where no one knows me, and I get a feeling of serene obscurity
  23. When I make plans for the future and feel optimistic about them
  24. When I finally urinate or defecate, after having to hold for some time
  25. When I am sitting in my armchair, reading, feeling not too hold or not too cold
  26. When I drift to sleep while reading, feeling my body warmth from the sleepiness
  27. When I realize I have nothing to worry about
  28. When I finally come across a book or idea that can succinctly express my thoughts
  29. When I tidy my room and throw old and unwanted junk away
  30. When I spend some time in a restaurant with the family, treating them to a good meal
  31. When I enter a bookstore that I have never been to before
  32. When I know I can toss my phone aside for the whole day
  33. When I visit somewhere new, alone, on a task or volunteering assignment or sight-seeing
  34. When I empty my bowels
  35. When I taste a good kopi-c-kosong, after some time of not drinking coffee
  36. When I put on fresh, clean, dry, pleasant-smelling t-shirts
  37. When I just recovered from a headache