Quiet Moments

Category: [On Life]


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Taking a long bus ride.

Got a seat in the upper deck. Plenty of seats.

In no rush. Ample time.

Relying on public transport. EZ-Link card in my pocket.

Enjoying the scenes. Recognizing familiar places, discovering new ones. Took a mental note.

No one speaks to me. I speak to no one.

Serene anonymity.


Walking in a quiet mall. Or in the streets.

Weekday. Just after lunchtime.

Running an errand. Get it done.

No one knows me, especially with the help of a surgical mask.

Enjoying the scenes.

No one speaks to me. I speak to no one.

Serene anonymity.


A food court. Many selections of food.

Patrons scattered, an early lunch or an early dinner.

Quiet white noise of chattering patrons and vendors. Mandarin. Hokkien. English.

Using my Kopitiam card for a discount.

Chose a seat. A clear view at the expanse of the food court.

Cheap food. Strong kopi-c-kosong.

No one speaks to me. I speak to no one.

Serene anonymity.



Contemplating life. Contemplating finances.

Being single. All in order.

No emotional baggage. No anxiety-inducing liabilities.

Ready for the future. Living within means.

No need to speak to anyone. No one speaks to me.

Serene anonymity.


Hobbies. Photography. Nature. Books. Volunteering. Arts. Culture. Knowledge. Writing. Philosophy. Life. No need to speak. Just learn.


A hike. A long hike.

MacRitchie Trail.

Shaded from the hot sun by tall trees.

Few are on the trail.

Beads of sweat rolled down my chest.

Take a deep breath through my nostrils.

Exhale through my mouth.

A sip of water.

A Common Mormon flutters by.

Birds sing from high up the canopy.

No one speaks to me. I speak to no one.

Serene anonymity.


A high rise condomium in the city. Or in Harbourfront. Carribean at Keppel Bay.

Green-tinted windows. Squarish.

Squarish apartments.

A study, a room to write. Full of books of every kind (like Montaigne’s library).

An armchair. Comfortable.

A sea view. A clean, organized view for inspirations.


A writer returns home. Back to the study.

Bookcases line the walls of his study.

A desk faces the window; an unblocked view puts him at ease.

Elevates his perception, into a fictional universe in his mind.

No one knows where he lives. No one knows where he is.

No need to speak.

Serene anonymity.